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The UK government has partnered with ISP TalkTalk to provide free broadband connection to job seekers. Mondays, TalkTalk group announcement the program, designed in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which will provide job seekers with a six-month contract-free voucher of TalkTalk’s Fiber35 broadband. The aim of the program is to “tackle digital exclusion and remove barriers to employment across the UK”, and no credit checks are required to embark.

It is noteworthy that the DWP employment centers have remained open throughout the pandemic, much of the training and employment support has been moved online, making a reliable internet connection of all the more important. The situation led TalkTalk and the DWP to test a broadband voucher scheme in Greater Manchester and Cheshire at the start of Britain’s second lockdown last year, and the results were deemed successful.

“We believe that reliable broadband is a right, not a privilege. However, many people across the UK are struggling to access the internet as the effects of the pandemic have doubled the number of credit applicants universal in one year, ”said TalkTalk Human Resources and Purchasing Director Daniel Kasmir. “The successful trial of this program in the Northwest demonstrates the value of broadband for those seeking employment. Working with the DWP to roll out this program nationwide supports our mission to democratize the Internet and bring affordable, high-quality connectivity to all, helping to close the digital divide in the UK. “

So how do you get one of these broadband coupons? The TalkTalk press release says the DWP will distribute discount codes to those it has identified as needing this service. Upon receipt of a code, the person will call TalkTalk directly on a dedicated (free?) Number to use the 6-month prepaid code. At the end of the six-month period, customers can choose to contract with TalkTalk or cancel the service and will incur no additional fees or registration fees once the service is terminated. If the user does not want to continue, he must return the router, etc. in a prepaid envelope.

TalkTalk Fiber 35 is characterized by the ISP as a “most browsing and streaming” package. The unlimited plan would offer an average download speed of 38 Mbps, which is enough for one to five devices. Normally, if the service was available in your area, you would have to shell out £ 23 per cm over two years (+ £ 5 router / hub postage) for this contract. I’ve never tried TalkTalk’s service or router, but the company claims their hub can provide Wi-Fi anywhere in a normal home. TalkTalk’s 65 Mbps plan costs just £ 1 more per month, with its super-fast 150 offering 30 cfm and its top-of-the-line Fiber 500 offering 40 cfm.


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