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A university don, Professor Anthony U. Nnodim called on businesses to diversify into others to be economically relevant to society.

Professor Nnodim, who made the call on Thursday at the Association’s first national conference to foster qualitative functional education in Nigeria, in collaboration with Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic Women’s Association, Port Harcourt, said stated that any business that does not diversify will die easily. ‘.

According to him, the expression “diversify the sectors” is tantamount to warning companies of the danger of staying too long in the same place.

According to him, it is “a reminder that to avoid stagnation, companies must innovate. In today’s global environment, diversity is the foundation for innovation.

“A diverse and inclusive team is the engine room in which innovations grow through the combination of ideas and desperate disciplines in ways that seem strange at first, but result in the emergence of real innovation. “, did he declare.

Nnodim, who made the call in his keynote address, “Innovation and Diversification: Challenges and Opportunities in a Global Environment,” said diversification has many prospects.

One of the key insights, he said, is that diversification improves critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This, he explained, would “provoke critical thinking that would provide alternative approaches to finding solutions to identified problems.”

Other prospects, he continued, include increased growth and development of employees, unification of diverse forces and encouragement of innovations.

In her keynote address, Professor Margaret E. Akpomi emphasized the need for Nigeria to emulate what she called “the Australian model of education” dubbed “Technical and Functional Education (TAFE)” .

“What he (TAFE) does is they first identify the needs of society, then they integrate the needs of society into the curriculum, and that’s with that they are raising their citizens to fill various labor positions in society. We can borrow a sheet from here,” she said.

In her welcoming address, the President, Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic Women Association (CEAPOWA), Dr. Victoria O. Sam-Kalagbo, explained that the conference, whose theme was “Innovation and diversities: challenges and prospects in a global environment” , is part of CEAPOWA’s objective to contribute to societal growth.

“The aims and objectives of CEAPOWA are, among others, to organize conferences, workshops, seminars and symposiums aimed at having a positive impact on the members of the association, the entire polytechnic community and society. in general.

“This conference provides a rare platform for scholars from various disciplines to examine and prescribe innovative and diverse strategies, approaches and practical mechanisms to contain the multiple global threats and challenges in the fields of education, economics , politics, business, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.” , She says.

By: Sogbeba Dokubo

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