The battle for the rule of law

“If I had died an hour before this chance,

I had lived through a blessed time; because, from this moment,

There is nothing serious in mortality:

It’s all just toys; fame and grace are dead;

The wine of life is drawn, and the simple dregs

It remains this safe to brag about.

Shakspeare: “Macbeth”

I must confess that I had a good idea of ​​this for a long time, but I constantly struggled with the idea that a society could really be in awe of crime and its perpetrators, and that its members would do whatever was necessary to shape themselves after their heroes in the seedy world of vice.

The bliss with which the crime is committed and the manner in which the act is defended, even greeted with signs of victory, is both humbling and bewildering. It’s a sordid spectacle that plays out almost on a daily basis, but there’s something inside that you’d still like to believe that everything you routinely watch is a mirage, and that in reality it doesn’t. doesn’t happen in real life.

As the government tries to establish the rule of law and make justice accessible to the poor, those who are reluctant have started a process to pave the way for the return of donations. That’s about as far as depravity can stretch. That’s as far as degeneracy can go. In such a situation, it is up to the people to speak out – because silence in such circumstances would be criminal. The time is coming!

The Sharif and Bhutto-Zardari clans have been known products with a retinue of minor operators who are all drenched in the juices of corruption of myriad varieties. Instead of singling them out and shaming them, much of society began to emulate them as leaders and bosses. For some, it may be a corruption of greed, as their thirst for piling on mounds of pelf is incorrigible. These people are usually from the beneficiary elite tribe who control the channels of power and who are perched in positions to swing things back and forth to make room for their silver coins. For others, it could be called the corruption of needs that is driven by the impoverishment and marginalization of communities that are constantly struggling, barely surviving to the limit. They have been cruelly harassed and bludgeoned by those who are all puffed up to feed off the largesse of the state.

This process is as old as the state, but its intensity has increased over time. In the past, social customs demanded that the corrupt be singled out. Over time, those who do not allow themselves the luxury of corruption are dubbed the odd ones. The drift of society has changed direction towards legitimizing the act of making easy money by any means possible. While we are eager to point fingers at others, rarely is anyone found who is willing to look within for even a cursory assessment of our position on the scale of corruption and our personal affliction with the bounty. .

Take the case of the sheriffs. The retinue of their cronies and sycophants, some of them claiming to have studied at reputable institutions at home and abroad, are stubbornly busy defending their corruption day after day, morning till night. These leaders face multiple criminal charges. Some of them have also been convicted while others are on the run. Instead of convincing their leaders to come back and defend themselves in court, false narratives are spouted to deceive people that they are innocent and are being targeted for political victimization. It’s like a sickening circus of people being stripped of their last shred of shame, dignity and self-respect. Their political survival being linked to that of their leaders, they believe they have no choice but to defend them and facilitate their return to the annals of power. The concept of all that is right or wrong eludes them as they remain deeply engrossed in planning to further expand the web of corruption and entice others to join their ranks.

The Bhutto-Zardari clan is the other main actor in the field of corruption. For more than 40 years they have been selling the corpse of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and later also of Benazir to remain politically relevant among the illiterate and poor communities of rural Sindh. Bearing in mind the reign of terror they have unleashed, no one dares to question them on the fulfillment of their slogans promising food, clothing and shelter. As the clan stalwarts continued to enrich themselves by forcibly taking the properties they targeted, the common people became more impoverished and more dependent on their disposable pieces. They will go to any lengths to keep people enslaved to beautiful promises that they know will never come true. Their lives were spent hoping for better days to see even the pieces they owned cruelly ripped from their grasp.

The established fact remains that the embrace of the cruel tightens over time around the necks of the needy. Generations of poor cultivators have been mortgaged to landowners who can do with them as their whims may dictate. While the rich face no checks to contain their cruelty, the poor have no way to seek justice. Everything is sold at a price by the corrupt and the powerful which usually takes the form of shared profit, exclusively of the illicit type. Contracts are sold for a price. Justice is sold for a price. Equality and equity are fancy words. The police, bureaucracy and other officials in positions of power have a price to pay for doing their jobs. Even demanding your inalienable right as it is in the book of laws will come at a cost because otherwise you will remain deprived of your dreams and possessions. No forum will be available where you can agitate your deprivations and the injustices done to you. You will be surrounded by deaf people with vulture gazes, always ready to swoop down on you to take away the leftovers you may still have left.

It is moral depravity. It is a societal degradation. These are people caught in a web of deceit and deceit who cannot find a way out to weigh their options. Their lives are ordered by those who boast of unlimited power which they have obtained by using fraudulent tactics and methods. The fact is that some people control the reins of power while others are victims of their captivity. It’s as if they have no control over their lives. They may moan and cry, but no one pays attention. They are all entangled in cumbersome webs. They are all victims of an unjust system that was designed to hold a nation hostage. So far it has worked to its optimum effect. The future also looks bleak with little hope that they can, after all, find a way out to freedom.

The Sharifs, Bhutto-Zaradaris and their junior partners in the sprawling underworld of crime have done it all. Having come this far, they are absolutely determined to ensure that no one has the power to take it away from them. They have erected their personal fiefdoms beyond the law. They live in a protected environment where no one dares to look menacingly. They have the goodies galore to buy everything that matters, including justice.

In order to further legitimize the world of crime, the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to resuscitate the political career of Nawaz Sharif – the gift of the world of corruption in the country which has banned for life from politics in the Panama Papers affair. It comes as the government announced a series of groundbreaking reforms to the criminal justice system. Proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), Law of Evidence, Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and some other laws have set a nine-month time limit for the completion of criminal trials. The amendments would simplify the procedures for the common man to obtain justice. This is a long-standing request from the people of a country where business has a tradition of dragging on for generations without result.

As the government tries to establish the rule of law and make justice accessible to the poor, those who are reluctant have started a process to pave the way for the return of donations. That’s about as far as depravity can stretch. That’s as far as degeneracy can go. In such a situation, it is up to the people to speak out – because silence in such circumstances would be criminal. The time is coming!

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