Nailed solar shingles: an affordable alternative to Tesla?

Installing a solar roof in your home is a great way to reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy costs, but unfortunately installing one on your home is usually a pretty big undertaking. With traditional solar panels, you have to attach racks and other mounting hardware to your existing roof before you can attach the panels themselves. And if you opt for Tesla’s modern and stylish solar tiles, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money for a team of specialists to completely replace your existing roof shingles.

But soon there might be a third option. A new product has surfaced at CES 2022 that could make it much easier to install a solar roof on your home.

GAF Energy, one of the largest roofing companies in the United States, recently removed the curtain on a new type of shingle called Timberline Solar that can be nailed to your existing roof for easy installation. They are designed to work much like regular shingles, so rather than needing a team of specialists for installation, any qualified roofer can simply attach them to your roof with a nail gun.

GAF says it will cost around half the cost of installing a Tesla solar roof. The company has yet to release pricing details, but reports suggest it will be on par with the cost of an average non-solar roof installation.

The only downside? GAF’s inexpensive and easy-to-install Timberline Solar shingles are also likely to produce less energy than their competitors. The Timberline system is said to have a capacity of 45W, which is significantly lower than Tesla’s 71W shingles or an average 300W solar panel. As always, there are pros and cons.

Solar shingles being installed.

Yet even with the power tradeoffs, a cheaper solar roof option could make solar power more accessible to homeowners who couldn’t otherwise afford it, and that’s an exciting prospect. GAF also insists that it is well equipped to launch this technology into the world fairly quickly. As one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the world, the company believes it will be able to quickly bring its Timberline solar shingles to interested customers across the country.

It’s unclear how soon the company will start shipping and installing these solar shingles, but you can start the registration process on their website now.

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