Kenya, Ethiopia sign operations manual for Moyale one-stop border post


Ethiopia and the Government of Kenya, through the Ethiopian Customs Commission and the Border Operations and Control Coordination Committee, have signed the Moyale-Moyale Single Border Post (OSBP) Operational Procedures Manual.

The signing ceremony was held in Addis Ababa in the presence of key players from the private and public sectors of both countries. This follows the inaugural launch on December 9, 2020 by the heads of the two governments and the subsequent start of operations of the PCJ on June 8, 2021.

The OSBP Operations Manual is intended to guide government officials of border regulatory agencies in the successful implementation of coordinated border management operations. This should improve the efficiency of border crossings by making customs clearance processes easier, faster and cheaper for traders, carriers and travelers, without compromising border regulatory requirements.

The two governments also held a consultative workshop at Moyale OSBP, with representatives from various public and private sector organizations from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Speaking at the consultative workshop with the private sector, Mr. Kennedy Nyaiyo, Head of Delegation of Kenya and Secretary of the Kenya Border Management Secretariat said: “The signing of the procedure manual will ensure that all processes have been reviewed and harmonized. This will ensure that trade and cooperation between Kenya and Ethiopia is efficient and facilitated in an efficient manner. ”

For her part, HE Debele Kabeta, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Customs Commission said: “Although the two countries have long-standing friendly relations, the trade connectivity between us has been quite insignificant compared to the potential we have to make business ”. He further stated that “currently the situation is changing and the volume and diversity of goods traded between Ethiopia and Kenya is increasing at a faster rate. The operationalization of the Moyale single border post will be a breakthrough in boosting trade relations and the free movement of people between the two countries.

The operations of the Moyale OSBP were carried out through the cooperation of the Governments of Ethiopia and Kenya, represented by the Ethiopia Customs Commission, Ethiopia Roads Authority, KeNHA, Secretariat of border management (Kenya), KRA and other border regulators, supported by TradeMark East Africa. with funding from the UK. The construction component of the Moyale PCJ was financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the governments of Ethiopia and Kenya.


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