From drones to autonomous driving: DJI is repositioning itself as a robotics company

Beijing (Gasgoo) – Chinese drone manufacturing giant DJI said that instead of being a drone maker, the company should be best described as a developer of smart robotics, because a drone is just an app of its technologies.

photo credit: DJI

According to the company, intelligent robots are expected to resemble humans and can perform tasks autonomously through perception, location, decision and planning. It is essential that robots have a “brain” to think, “eyes” to see, know their position, plan and decide, and finally perform the tasks assigned to them.

DJI’s unmanned aerial vehicles follow exact procedures for environmental sensing, obstacle avoidance, hovering, and automatic return when performing flight missions.

In addition, an intelligent robot generally requires corresponding computing power; Higher computing power comes with higher power consumption, cost, and size.

DJI is committed to optimizing the synergy between computing power and power consumption to create smaller, lighter and smarter drones. The core components developed by the company such as sensors and SoC, improved algorithms less complex, increased use of computing power can effectively increase computing power tenfold while reducing overall power consumption, cost and the size.

In addition to the “brain”, drones are equipped with binocular cameras acting as vigilant “eyes” to sense the environment around them.

With the cameras, DJI’s drones can hover, avoid obstacles and detect speed despite failures of other sensors.

DJI intends to deploy said cameras, which have been tested by tens of millions of units produced, to solve the perception problem of autonomous driving, as the company believes that autonomous vehicles and drones are two applications of the intelligent robot technologies.

Autonomous Driving Tech CompanyDJI Automotive, DJI Autonomous Driving, Chinese Automotive News

photo credit: DJI

Since what is essential for drones namely perception, location, planning and control are also equally important for autonomous driving, DJI has a solid foundation for the automotive segment, so it created the DJI Automotive department to explore the field in 2016.

Autonomous Driving Tech CompanyDJI Automotive, DJI Autonomous Driving, Chinese Automotive News

photo credit: DJI

After years of research and practice, the company has its own understanding of smart technologies. It’s not just a single piece of technology, but a complete set of complete system architectures compatible with intelligent robots, the company said.

This architecture must support a series of detailed hardware and software designs and developments, from user requests to the entire function, from prototype algorithms to technical realization, from sensor input to output. the actuator, and from development to production.

DJI aims to apply said system architecture to autonomous driving solutions.

Internal investigations within the company have indicated that automakers are destined to shift from providing vehicles to providing services, with consumers’ top priority shifting from a car’s powertrain system to quality l experience on board.

According to the company, each vehicle will be equipped with autonomous driving technologies, as standard such as seat belts. It should free humans from driving and meet their transportation needs while ensuring travel safety.

Due to the complexity of the sky-to-earth transition, the company believes any technical advancements made in the process will in turn fuel the development of its drone.

From a business point of view, with autonomous driving leading the reform of the automotive industry, now is the optimal time for DJI to enter the automotive market and cooperate with major car manufacturers.

Considering the company’s software and hardware development and production capabilities, DJI is very confident to provide the public with a safe, relaxing and profitable advanced autonomous driving experience in the future.

Mass-produced vehicles equipped with DJI’s autonomous technology will soon be unveiled, the company said.

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