Flyers drop in chippy rookie show against New York Rangers


When New York Rangers Matt Rempe and the Flyers ‘Matthew Strome started swapping words through the gangs in the first period, it was clear the emotions of the Flyers’ victory over the Rangers in a rookie exhibition game Saturday night in Tarrytown, NY, had postponed Sunday.

From there, the physique intensified as the Rangers battled to tie the score with a 3-2 victory at the Flyers’ training center in Voorhees.

Brian Zanetti of the Flyers, who did not play on Saturday, got the first big illegal hit of the night when he sent Evan Vierling to fly into the boards, resulting in a five-minute power play. From there, players on both sides started exchanging a few more words and punches here and there. Eventually it escalated into a big fight with five minutes left in a second.

From there, several fights erupted before the second intermission, one of which resulted in an injury to Wade Allison’s right leg. Allison, who is one of the biggest names in the Flyers rookie roster, had to be helped to the locker room.

Before the game turned sour, the Flyers were the first to find the back of the net on Sunday. Defenseman Cam York shot from the circle on the left wing and found the hole above the goaltender’s right shoulder. Tyson Foerster and Morgan Frost were credited with assists for the power play goal.

Twenty-two seconds later, Strome hit in a rebound. Led by strong goalie play from Samuel Ersson and a strong performance from the penalty kill unit, the Flyers finished the opener with a 2-0 lead.

However, the Rangers took advantage of the remaining seconds of their power play that continued into the second half when Will Cuylie deflected the puck past Ersson. He scored the same as Zanetti served his five minutes to equalize.

Rangers took the lead early in the third when defenseman Nils Lundkvist scored. The physical aspect continued, leading to multiple power plays for each club. The Flyers were able to fend off the Rangers, but they weren’t able to take advantage of their own power plays and win the game.

The first row on the ice on Sunday looked completely different from that of Saturday. Isaac Ratcliffe, Frost and Foerster have been replaced by Connor McClennon, Tanner Laczynski and Allison. Saturday’s line didn’t hit the ice until the fourth quarter, following a power play. The Flyers didn’t just shuffle the order, they also played a variety of pairs. Frost began to play with Laczynski and Allison, while McClennon joined the line of Foerstor and McClennon.

When Allison was injured, the lines shifted further. Foerster joined Laczynski and Frost, with whom Allison had played many shifts.

The bottom two lines had a little more stability. For the most part, Jackson Cates, Linus Sandin, and Samu Tuomaala performed together, as did Strome, JR Avon, and Nolan Ritchie.

In defense, York was paired with Linus Hogberg, Mason Millman with Wyatte Wylie and Zanetti with Quinn Schmiemann.

Phantoms coach Ian Lapierriere kept his word and gave his goaltenders even ice time. When play came to a standstill with 10:05 left in the second half, Kirill Ustimenko, who started on Saturday, replaced Ersson in the net. Like Ustimenko the day before, Ersson started with a shutout in the first half. He allowed two goals in the first six minutes of the second period, but both came on Rangers power plays. On the first, he made two big saves before Cuylie scored with 28 seconds left on the power play. Ersson and the elimination unit then went on for three minutes of the five-minute middle finger before Cuylie scored on another deflection. As the power play clock continued, Ersson helped his team keep the score tied with four saves in a row. When Ustimenko came on, he allowed only one goal, which also came on a power play. He also made several great saves.

When Allison was helped off the ice, the news created waves in the Flyer community as fans shared their frustration. Allison’s right leg got tangled when Rangers defenseman Braden Schneider sent him into the gang. He limped his way to the bench and, moments later, was helped to the locker room. He did not return to the game.

Foerster, who saw a lot of time, also came out of the ice after a heavy blow. He fell behind the Flyers’ net while defending a power play. Rangers forward Alex Whelan continued to entangle him, but no penalties were called. After protesting to the referee, Foerster skated to the bench holding a shoulder. However, Foerster returned to the game and was one of the first on the ice in the third period.

The final buzzer marked the end of the Flyers rookie camp. Then, veterans will join rookie camp guests for the start of training camp on Wednesday. They’ll hit the ice together on Thursday and players like York and Frost, who have been on rookie camp, can compete for a spot on the Flyers’ roster, while returning players can show off how they’ve spent the offseason at home. prepare to bounce back. a disappointing end to the 2021 season. The squad as a whole will be very different from last year after GM Chuck Fletcher’s busy offseason.


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