Actor Lincoln Lewis confronts lawyer for convicted stalker Lydia Abdelmalek in appeal hearing


A former Home and Away star clashed with a lawyer for a woman who stole her identity to deceive her stalking victims after a court was told it feared the fishing scandal cat does not affect his career.

The verbal brawl took place during the cross-examination of Australian actor Lincoln Lewis who testified in Lydia Abdelmalek’s appeal.

In 2019, Abdelmalek was jailed for two years and eight months after being convicted of harassing his female victims after posing as celebrities to cheat on them in relationships.

The 31-year-old immediately appealed the sentence and her conviction and is fighting to have them overturned in Victoria County Court.

Mr Lewis, who also appeared on Dancing With The Stars, was asked today how his voicemail was linked to a phone number used to deceive a victim called Emma *, a woman he knew by friends.

Lydia Abdelmalek appealed her six criminal harassment charges to Victoria County Court.(

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The actor revealed during cross-examination that he received a series of calls from private numbers, which he began to screen.

“So it’s a private number, so unable to identify the source of this call … for a matter of logic?” Richard Edney, lawyer defending Abdelmalek said.

“Yes,” Mr. Lewis said.

“So all those calls you got, you don’t know whether or not the person listened to your voicemail … you think your voice was recorded that way, but that’s a guess on your part, don’t isn’t it? ”said Mr. Edney.

“You can tell that’s a guess. However, with a certain degree of certainty and logic, that would be the only way to access my voicemail.”

“Have you finished your speech? Said Mr. Edney.

“Objection, Your Honor, that is not an appropriate comment,” Crown Attorney Angela Moran said.

Lawyers defending Abdelmalek today focused on the credibility of those involved in the case, including Lewis.

Lewis did not want to complain to the police, the court hears

Sections of Emma’s police statement were read today in court, which learned that the actor had withdrawn from a scheduled meeting with her to discuss the incident.

“He told me later that he didn’t want anything to do with filing a police complaint because of his reputation and his work as an actor. He didn’t want his job prospects to be. future be affected by such a complaint, ”she said. said in the statement, which was compiled over a period of time.

But Mr Lewis today rejected this version of events.

“I made a statement,” Lewis said.

“Six years later,” Mr. Edney said.

“It was crucial at this point, yes,” Mr. Lewis said.

Today, a man of Emma’s trust, who cannot be named because he could identify her, echoed her testimony.

He reminded the court that he and Emma met Mr Lewis with a friend at a mall after realizing she had a bogus relationship with the actor.

“He and his friend walked past it, Lincoln sort of covered it up completely, didn’t look, but his friend did,” the witness recalls.

“I thought it was a little premature and a little irresponsible.”

The confidant told the court that after this conversation in the mall, he called the number that was harassing Emma because he was “fed up” with it.

Shortly thereafter, he began to receive messages which he described as “hostile”.

“I got a message saying, ‘I know who you are,’ he said.

“A photo was sent to me from that number… and it was a photo of me, it was sort of zoomed in, so I couldn’t see the surroundings, but… I was somewhere, I was holding a glass of beer in one hand.

“I kind of found that a little annoying.

“To this day, I have not been able to identify where this photo was taken.”

The hearing continues.

* Names have been changed to protect identities.


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