A value of P7.4 billion of fake products destroyed in Valenzuela


MANILA – The Customs Office on Monday destroyed 7.4 billion pesos of shredded counterfeit goods that had been seized earlier from a Pasay City storage area.

Most of the items, which range from clothes with designer labels to personal care items, came from China, costing the Philippine government a loss of revenue of around 700 million pesos, BOC said.

Customs officers previously inspected a storage area in Bagong Milenyo, which led to the seizure of various counterfeit items bearing trademarks valued at P7,429,638,000.

“Items like these not only destroy the economy and indirectly affect people, are not put on the market,” said Edgardo Padre Jr., BOC customs operations manager.

“We have no other recourse but to destroy them.”

Padre said these counterfeit condemnation activities, like this one in the city of Valenzuela, serve as a “deterrent”.

“Malaking bagay kasi ang puhunan na nilalagay dito… the possibility of criminal charges, deterrent malaking yung mga huli na ganito by preventing people from engaging in such endeavors,” Padre said.

Customs Collector II, Enrico Turigan, said they are preparing the necessary complaints and charges against those responsible for bringing these counterfeit goods into the country.

“The violation of intellectual property law is essentially the basis of the accusation,” he said.

Turingan believes these items must have been sold online, rather than in physical stores due to the pandemic.

“Ang babala po a gusto kong i-direct to consume counterfeit articles. Alam nating magandang makamura, but we have to take yung safety natin into consideration, ”he warned.

“They can be purchased cheaply, (pero) hindi siya dumaan sa maios na proseso and ang mga ginamit na materyales may not follow the proper procedure. I would like to encourage you to purchase the original items. “



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