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Pokémon HOME released in February 2020 and offers many useful features for enthusiasts Pokemon Fans. It works as a cloud-based storage service for Pokemon that players capture in a variety of different Pokemon games, bringing them together on a simplified platform. With Pokémon HOME, players can store captured Pokémon in Sword and shield, Let’s go Eevee and Let’s go pikachu, Pokémon Bank, and Pokémon GO. Since its release over a year ago, the app continues to receive regular updates that improve its overall usefulness and ease of use.

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There is a Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon HOME and one mobile version. Each version offers slightly different functionality. There is also a Premium package for Pokémon HOME, which costs money but offers more features than the free version. The cost of Premium ranges from $ 2.99 per month to $ 16.99 for 12 months if prepaid. No matter which plan or version players choose, there are plenty of features to check out in Pokémon HOME.

View your capture calendar

Pokemon HOME Capture Calendar Mobile Screenshots

The Calendar of captures is a built-in, streamlined feature that shows players which Pokémon they caught on which date. It displays details about the Pokémon and what game it was caught in.

This calendar primarily works as a sentimental tool that allows players to remember when they caught their most beloved Pokémon. The calendar also tracks catch birthdays and Pokémon received as gifts and trades.

Examine Pokemon Battle Data

pokemon home mobile battle data feature update

Display Combat data is a feature available only on the mobile version of Pokemon Home. If you are using the mobile version, players should be aware that Pokémon HOME discontinued continued support for older mobile devices.

Nevertheless, with the Combat data feature, players can see Pokemon leaderboards that participate in Ranked Battles and online competitions. Players can also view Trainers’ battle records and learn about current Pokémon trends. Comparing battle data allows players to see what abilities others are using with their Pokémon in competitions.

Add Pokemon to a National Pokedex

pokedex home pokemon pictures

Pokémon HOME allows players to drop Pokémon into cloud service boxes from other games. All of these Pokémon become part of the player National Pokédex, where Pokémon from multiple games can be viewed side by side. Details regarding Gigantamax and Mega Evolve capabilities will also be recorded and viewable through Pokemon Home.

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On the Pokedex, players can view detailed stats for each Pokémon, including the Pokémon’s name, height, weight, gender, type, and abilities. On the mobile version, players can also inspect their Pokémon by rotating them to see them from all angles.

Acquire useful mystery gifts

image of mystery gifts opened in Pokemon HOME on a mobile device

Mystery Gifts are another special feature that players may not be familiar with on Pokemon HOME. It is only available on the mobile version. With the Mystery Gifts feature, players can search for local events or redeem codes to get freebies. These gifts can be anything from a new starter Pokémon to a new Pokeball or an item that can be used in an existing Pokémon game.

When players receive and open their mystery giveaway, Pokemon HOME will tell them which game the giveaway is compatible with. But mystery gifts are not the only type of gifts that can be received. If players download patch 1.4.0., They can also receive two Pokémon for free when opening the Pokémon HOME application.

Trade Pokémon with Wonder Box

Displaying Pokemon HOME Wonder Box Trade Function on a Mobile Phone

Pokemon HOME offers a unique trading feature called Wonder box, which allows players to trade Pokémon with others around the world. When a player places a Pokémon in the Wonder Box, a new Pokémon will appear after a while and the trade can be completed.

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With a Premium plan, players can trade more Pokémon simultaneously using the Wonder Box feature. The free version allows up to 3 Pokémon to enter the Wonder Box at a time, while the Premium version allows players to drop up to 10 at a time.

Complete the challenges to earn stickers

screenshots of player profiles with pokemon home stickers

Pokemon HOME offers players unique challenges and rewards them with stickers at the end. These stickers can be used to modify your Pokemon HOME profile and serve as special marks of completion for various tasks. When certain goals are met, players can also receive stickers.

Examples of challenges include depositing Pokémon of a specific nature (i.e. depositing 10 Pokémon with a happy nature) or in a specific type of Pokeball (i.e. depositing a Pokémon in a Master Ball). Dropping shiny Pokemon or large amounts of Pokemon are also challenges in Pokemon HOME. Another challenge is to register many different species of Pokémon from the Alola region. As players use Pokemon HOME as the home base for all of their Pokemon, it is likely that players will automatically complete a lot of challenges without realizing it and be pleasantly surprised with the sticker rewards.

Store more Pokémon and judge them

Judge Pokemon home premium feature

If players buy the Premium package for Pokemon HOME, they unlock even more features. Premium allows players to move Pokemon from Pokemon Bank, which is not available in the free version. It also allows you to store up to 6,000 Pokémon in the Pokemon Home cloud instead of the 30 in the free version. With Premium, 3 Pokémon can be in the GTS at a time, and Premium players can also participate and host their own Room Swaps.

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Judge is another of the features that unlock with Premium, allowing players to view detailed stats of their Pokémon. The Judge function works on mobile and Nintendo Switch. When a player judges any of their Pokémon, that Pokémon’s HP, Attack, Special Attack, Special Defense, Defense, and Speed ​​will be evaluated and assigned a score, such as “Fairly Good” or “Decent”. The stats will be given an overall rating and the player will also be able to see the nature, ability, and item held by their Pokémon.

Use Pokemon HOME points in games

Ash lying on the grass smiling with Pikachu posing happy next to him

Pokemon Home Points allow players to earn unique points in the cloud service. When Pokémon are dropped into the RESIDENCE Pokedex, players win Pokémon HOME Points which can be transformed into Battle Points.

These Battle Points are usable in Pokemon games that the player owns and has logged into Pokemon HOME. But players will need to be on the Nintendo Switch version in order to redeem their HOME points for Battle Points.

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